Cyber Security Path is made up of seasoned professionals with the skills and experience to shepherd clients thru a positive cyber transformation – weaving together skills, experience, process, & capabilities to manifest greater results and a stronger security posture than thought possible.  Our leadership team has extensive background in financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and many more grounding our guidance and advice in your world. 

We care.  There are plenty of firms that will charge enough to look like they care – we are the real deal.  Often the client knows what must be done but stalls out because the work is complex.  Our insights help bring to light those systems, policies, and cultures that are holding behaviors static. We augment teams, support and coach leadership, and help identify behaviors limiting your success an support clients to ensure transformation is efficient, predictable, genuine and sticky.

Now What?

Have an assessment full of recommendations? Wondering what to do next? call us to translate that assessment into an actionable plan shepherding you and your teams through transformation of your cyber practice


Erik Erenz

High-energy, visionary leader driven to make things better. Known for creating a positive work environment and inspiring others to step up, dig in, and participate in change – building excitement through simple, passionate, authentic leadership

Also, nationally certified high-performance driving instructor

James Borchart

Cyber security consultant focusing on large scale, high-availability 24×365 environments. Extensive experience leading cybersecurity transformation efforts for global corporations. A strong track record of achievements of technology vision and leadership for cybersecurity.

James enjoys travel and Wineries

Darren House

Over 20 years of industry experience in Program and Project Management, Application\Website Development, and Network Management. Darren excels in working with leadership and engineers to simplify complex problems and get alignment on best paths forward.

Outside of working on technology and security efforts, Darren spends time doing construction projects and woodworking.

Terry Baresh, CBAP® IIBA®-CCA

Terry is a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), a Certified Cybersecurity Analyst (IIBA®-CCA), and globally recognized speaker. Terry collaborates with cyber security experts, architects, engineers, and analysts to design, deploy, and integrate enterprise-wide security solutions that bring value to the business. Whether your enterprise is optimizing existing systems or starting a greenfield initiative, Terry offers valuable insights drawn from his breadth and depth of knowledge drawn from various experiences, from his US Air Force service as a chef, managing and directing non-profit youth-serving agencies, and providing enterprise analysis to manufacturing, airlines, utilities, government and educational institutions. Terry is also the Treasurer of MSP-IIBA.

When he’s not researching new cyber threats or reading up on the latest NIST publications, Terry enjoys spending time with his family or with a group of friends engaged in trivia contests. He recently built a couple of electric bicycles and enjoys riding on the many metro area bike paths.

David Barstad

Leveraging 30 years of experience as a business analyst, product owner, and project/program manager in the role of Portfolio Manager. In coordination with leadership, architects, and SMEs I build and maintain a prioritized project pipeline, prepare business cases to identify stakeholders, scope, business value, resource needs and budget estimates. Finally, I work with the client and CyberSecurityPath principals to ensure the promised business value is realized.

A team leader with a proven track record of delivering value-added projects and programs on time by stretching each team member and supporting them in a truly collaborative team environment.

James enjoys travel and Wineries