What is Architecture?

For Cyber Security Path, Architecture encompasses the key pillars of cybersecurity and a set of guidelines to increase the consistency and quality of technology decision making. We describe the big picture of the secure enterprise within the context of its technology intent and impact on the institution.


How can we help you?

Architectural Governance

Building consistent solutions that work across the enterprise is difficult for business applications. Enterprises frequently get frustrated when the added dimension of security becomes part of the business applications design and delivery. Implementing strong security architectural governance alleviates these problems by addressing them very early in the process, before the solution is deployed in the enterprise.

Architecture Framework

Laying out a Long Range Vision for cybersecurity has never been more challenging. Our architecture framework process identifies the foundational components needed to underpin the vision, define the services needed to support the vision, and identify solutions that are built on top of these to meet the vision.

Policy & Standards Management

Sometimes it seems like an organziation is going in 10 different directions at once. Keeping the cybersecuirty straight in these times requires a comprehensive set of guardrails to keep the organization on track. Let us help you create a complete set of interlocking policies that integrate regulatory, compliance, audit and organziational imperatives. We will help you set up a process to review and update these to adjust to the ever-changing environment while preserving productivity and striving for frictionless engagement.

Technology Leadership

Large organizations have complex cybersecuirty needs impacted by everything from business needs to regulatory requirements. Having a firm hand to guide cybersecurity through all of these needs is a must. Let us help you guide your organizations cybersecurity through everything from Vulnerability Management to ERP implementation.

Project Engagement & Oversight

Do you have a 7-and-8 figure project portfolio on the cybersecurity program that delivers sub-par results? Do you have cybersecurity projects that can’t be made to work properly with the existing infrastructure? Our team partners with project delivery and the project team to uncover these issues before the project even starts.

Security Solution Integration


Tired of buying yet another security tool that costs a fortune, takes a team to manage, and never lives up to the sales pitch? So are we! Let us help you maximize the value of your existing solutions through a planned solution integration process. We will architect multiple layers of cross-solution integration and work with delivery teams to implement.

Trend Analysis / Technology Investment

The challenge of keeping up with the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape has both never been greater and is also going to get much more difficult in the coming years. Inputs from the news, the cybersecurity vendors, research and consulting are simply too much to keep up with. Let us help you build out an organizational structure to evaluate trends in the threat landscape, cybersecurity market capabilities and integrate that with your organizations planning.

  • Modern Data Loss Prevention integrates many disparate systems into a complete solution.  Entitlements, data enrichment, email, CASB and other systems all play an important role.