Leadership Coaching

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Establish a Shared Vision

Cyber is a crazy dynamic space. People, tech and process are changing constantly, as are the goals teams are trying to achieve. Having a vision that spans the org, one that’s understood and embodied, one that can be tied back to any cyber investment is key to keeping the team aligned, focused and effective. We partner with all levels of organizations to successfully develop and adopt a shared vision.

Financial Forecasting & Justification

Justifying cyber through fear may never completely go away, but in a modern cyber practice the expectation is a cyber practice will be run as a business. Cyber usually is the one department that is immune from “budget challenges” but with that, comes an added expectation of transparency and accountability. Cyber Security Path has helped many organizations adopt operating models and methodologies that provide the financial transparency while also enabling the ability to quickly pivot investment strategies when change happens. When Cyber leaders build trust and confidence through solid financials, getting funding when you need it becomes much easier.

Team Building – Roles and Responsibilities

As a team coach we drive our teams towards accomplishing a goal, whether it be adding or extending a capability, supporting a business need or meeting compliance regulations. We partner with our clients in confronting and addressing team-busters like groupthink, micromanaging, and unresolved conflict to help build or evolve a better team for your organization. We will ask questions that help your team to decide what’s best for them.

Organizational Change Management – Consolidation

Has cyber at your organization grown organically? Do you have cyber related tools, tech and people scattered across infrastructure, network and even business teams? Have you reached a plateau of effectiveness given they way cyber is organized today? Let us partner with you and leverage our experience to identify and implement a cyber practice consolidation plan that brings it all together and unlocks value in existing investments.