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Establish a Shared Vision

Cyber is a crazy dynamic space. People, tech and process are changing constantly, as are the goals teams are trying to achieve. Having a vision that spans the org, one that’s understood and embodied, one that can be tied back to any cyber investment is key to keeping the team aligned, focused and effective. We partner with all levels of organizations to successfully develop and adopt a shared vision.

Financial and Staffing Modeling

Modeling allows cyber leaders to be nimble and quickly produce alternate projections based on the situation at hand. We partner with clients to establish modeling concepts and tooling and coach leaders to use these tools effectively to understand changes is cost or staffing when the inevitable change is necessary.

Define and Adopt an Operating Model

Supporting foundational components of a Vision and Mission lies the operating model. It describes the relationships between where we are, where we are going, what will we need, what it will cost and how will we know where we get there. It links vision and its delivery roadmap to value and cost. The operating model becomes the backbone of the decision-making across the org guiding it with interconnected systems and process.

Build and Maintain a Services Catalog

In short, a services catalog is a list of what a cyber practice does. In reality, a services catalog can be an extraordinary powerful tool for a cyber practice as it provides direct linkage between capabilities, value and cost. A completed services catalog, even a first draft, is full of insights and validations enabling for better decision-making internally and more effective communication externally.